Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photographed by my close friend Ms.Janna Aika DeJa

Mohawk spiked cap, DO-IT-YOURSELF, IN HATS

I'm still a college student and not making money of my own.Go figure, but that's not all bad. At least I get to still be able to save a bit from my allowance. Plenty of us seeks to look and feel luxurius, some wants to be edgy and bad,and some just doesn't care.I make sure am able to do a lot within a budget.I had 1500K to spend and some of these clothes am wearing are from that batch i bought recently.The pants can be bought from any SM department store branch,the brand is colours and I have to say they really have nice pants and plus the quality is nice.I've found similar looking pants like these but they were 2K and these were just 800 Php.I was convinced.Mixed and match whatever I've got with the new clothes and here it is.I've been wearing my new favorite cap for a while.It's nice to make edgy things with cheap materials but turns out to be high quality items.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

 Today I had the chance to go out and explore "Pasig Palengke".Lets be honest,not everyone is living in a bed of gold and can afford anything they want.I like to share how to deal with a low budget and get original badass clothes,accessories,lifestyle objects and etc.So going back to what I got for today; I kept exploring and it took a while before I could find something not "Baduy" and then I got lucky when I found a plain black cap that looks good in quality and just cost me 100 Php.Got another blue cap that cost 130 Php from another stall.Beside that last stall was a small one selling good quality and cute accessories that were all for 5 Php.I had to go check it out.I bought 11 things from that stall and most of them were reggae.

I've always wanted a cap that had spikes but they are too expensive and so I had an idea of making my own after seeing the plain caps I bought.I learned from a couple of people in the internet how they used the spikes from their cheap plastic bracelets and used them for making cool-looking spiked caps.I didn't want to copy the mainstream version of spiked caps so instead of that I went with a mohawk style.It's not completely done yet because I need to buy 2 more bracelets to complete the three rows of spikes but I love how it turned out.The bracelets I buy cost 100 Php from tiendesitas.

Maybe you might recognize that type of bracelet.It's popular among girls.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Show dates: March 21, 22 and 23, 2013

I'm sharing this news about the upcoming show from students of DLS-CSB as they show us their great talents that will rock the stage on March 2013.It's not enough to live a life just for fashion,having to get yourself involved in the arts gives you the benefits of learning,socializing and knowing with what the generation has now for us to see and listen to.I invite everyone to come watch the show and see the world they have created with their story.

Synopsis: The Perks of Being Awkward is an adaptation from Stephen Chbosky’s novel The Perks of Being a Wallflower, MTV’s TV Series, Awkward and stories of heartbreaks and frustration from the students of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde. It talks about the coming of age, drugs, sex alcohol and gender issues.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The day started out fresh and sunny so I needed to reflect on the mood.It felt like spring time when the sun shined upon our lands.Brought out some warm colors and used green to center it all.What I love about this top is that it's super comfy.Izod has the best cotton for their polo shirts.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So it's Year 2013.We have survived another year and especially the very well known End of the world prediction.It's not everyday that we get to celebrate with the loudest and biggest fireworks/firecrackers here in the Philippines so lets clap to that wonderful event and move forward to 2013.It's getting gloomy and we are still on our vacation mode so why not start out fresh and relax.Wear something cool/free to enjoy the breeze or something warm just incase it's too cold wherever you may be.I love the American flag so I made a tank top of my own.Just paired it with the same color scheme and "Tadah!!!".

I always take time to make my own clothes because I like being different.I used Rubberized Textile Paint(National Bookstore) on this top right here.Make sure to buy different types of paint brush to help get the results you want.Hope you guys would hype my outfit post and follow my blog.Thank you :)