Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So it's Year 2013.We have survived another year and especially the very well known End of the world prediction.It's not everyday that we get to celebrate with the loudest and biggest fireworks/firecrackers here in the Philippines so lets clap to that wonderful event and move forward to 2013.It's getting gloomy and we are still on our vacation mode so why not start out fresh and relax.Wear something cool/free to enjoy the breeze or something warm just incase it's too cold wherever you may be.I love the American flag so I made a tank top of my own.Just paired it with the same color scheme and "Tadah!!!".

I always take time to make my own clothes because I like being different.I used Rubberized Textile Paint(National Bookstore) on this top right here.Make sure to buy different types of paint brush to help get the results you want.Hope you guys would hype my outfit post and follow my blog.Thank you :)

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