Saturday, January 26, 2013

 Today I had the chance to go out and explore "Pasig Palengke".Lets be honest,not everyone is living in a bed of gold and can afford anything they want.I like to share how to deal with a low budget and get original badass clothes,accessories,lifestyle objects and etc.So going back to what I got for today; I kept exploring and it took a while before I could find something not "Baduy" and then I got lucky when I found a plain black cap that looks good in quality and just cost me 100 Php.Got another blue cap that cost 130 Php from another stall.Beside that last stall was a small one selling good quality and cute accessories that were all for 5 Php.I had to go check it out.I bought 11 things from that stall and most of them were reggae.

I've always wanted a cap that had spikes but they are too expensive and so I had an idea of making my own after seeing the plain caps I bought.I learned from a couple of people in the internet how they used the spikes from their cheap plastic bracelets and used them for making cool-looking spiked caps.I didn't want to copy the mainstream version of spiked caps so instead of that I went with a mohawk style.It's not completely done yet because I need to buy 2 more bracelets to complete the three rows of spikes but I love how it turned out.The bracelets I buy cost 100 Php from tiendesitas.

Maybe you might recognize that type of bracelet.It's popular among girls.


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    1. Thanks dear :D I know right that's why I really would love to influence people to go for their creativity :D

  2. I really love how resourceful you are tapos you can make things really edgy and fashionable

    1. Thanks GeloYellow :D As a student that lacks money, I was forced to learn to make the most out of cheap things :)) Kayo din make your DIY crafts :D


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