Sunday, February 10, 2013

2013 just hit the coast and Graphika Manila made a risky move of having it's annual conference early this year.No matter how shocking it was to know about that the fans were still there to support,learn,interact with the speakers and have fun.I, among everyone else that was there, did not let the opportunity pass by.I dressed-up according to the color scheme of the poster.I started doing that last year.Dress to impress i guess and also to be the walking landmark whenever my friends and I get separated in the crowd.As what Graphika Manila said "KICKSTART YOUR YEAR OF CREATIVITY!".

9 FEB 2013/10AM-5PM

My chest hair looks like a cleavage :))

My two loyal multimedia arts(MMA) friends

The Graphika tote bag containing a feedback form,raffle form,a graphic design booklet,and other MMA related stuff

Below are my visual summarizations of some highlights from the conference.There were too many especially from the best speakers.

James White(Yes,he literally is white)
Nova Scotia,Canada
Graphic Designer

He was awesome.I'll put everything short.He really had control and starting off with the conference was the difficult part.He was like a rock star for our type crowd.

The VERY FAMOUS shirt ambassador for the GM shirt (by Devil Robots)

Koto & Shin
Toys and Graphic Design

You'll learn a lot about "Tofu" from these guys.They showed how 1 idea could be very flexible and sell in the market.TOFU graphic deisgners!!! :D

Sony Pictures Animation
Armand Serrano
Animation & Visual development

He's the only Filipino among the rest of the speakers but he came from abroad because he's working for Sony Pictures Animation.He's one of the people who worked on "Hotel Transylvania".He was okay,the mood was just not clicking-in.He focused on showing his art for the movie.

Ryan Honey
Motion Graphics

Now this guy, with his company's help, blew me away with their intense and deeply thought about visual projects.He showed us lots of amazing ads,film and etc.I didn't even made effort to understand the concept,I just knew that whatever they were selling to me was surely sold and am paying cold hard cash.

Jessica Walsh(!!!!!!!!!)
New York,USA
Graphic Design

This woman!!!!She was the one!!!the best speaker ever!!!that's all :)) Kidding!
She made a lot of very crazy yet intellectual projects along side her team.She reminded us of our design concept professor.Everyone loved her and she loved everyone back.Overall she taught us not to give-up because if we really want to succeed in life then we should just play around.Treating work as an act of playing is what makes everything easier.

Benjamin Seide
Visual Effects

The very famous pixomondo focused on sharing with us their experience with making Game of Thrones and Hugo.It was nice though.Benjamin got more hyper after the conference when they were already having a group picture.Ahahahaha!!!

Benja Harney
Paper Engineering

Now this man was amazing and still is amazing.Imagine a person gained money from doing advance origami styles.Pure creativity.Graphika Manila brought great people infront of us that day.So parents please if your child is reading an origami book instead of math, I highly recommend not to disturb them and support the creativity going-on in their presence because you might never know where success starts out from.

A group photo with Jessica Walsh
our favorite speaker

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