Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bloggers united 4
December 15-16
World Trade Center.

I know it's a late post but I still insisted to at least make sure I could share how fun it was for me to be there last year.It's the 4th time Bloggers United was celebrated.A gathering of Manila's top fashion bloggers to sell their items to their fans.It's also the opportunity of their followers to meet and get to know them in person,get to take photos,and to speak out their questions and liking.

I was able to meet some of my college friends there and we hanged from time to time.I was even able to gain new friends around that event.Seeing that I look like the Human Skeletal System, I was obviously either made fun of or loved, but at least I became an eye turner around an event full of fashionable people.I love attention.I admit that :))

I'd love to attend again.I've followed Bloggers United just to know when and where their events will be.I hope more people come though.It's really a nice community event.I wasn't able to buy anything though because I just accompanied my high school friend there, I wanted for her to know my world.

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