Monday, February 11, 2013

Times Square Fashion Bazaar
Febuary 9-10 ,2013
SMX Convention Center Hall 4

Organized by De La Salle University-Manila
Business Management Society

Spectacular Events
Thousands of shoppers
Agressive Advertising
Hundreds of tenants

The Grandest and Biggest Fashion Adventure!

It was last saturday when the event started and the doors opened to welcome all shoppers.I had my chance to drop by and roam around last sunday since I couldn't because I had another event last saturday.The entrance fee was just 50 Pesos but I got lucky because it was Happy Hour, 2-3pm, when I arrived so I got in for free.I guess last sunday didn't get as much shoppers compared to their 1st day.There were still though plenty of people going around buying cool filipino made products and some also branded clothes/accessories.Overall I think the event was a success.


They were like a representative from a cosplay type of event

They had the cutest necklaces,watches,rings and other accessories

The two entertaining host

They had food stalls on the further part of the hall

Aztec designs+bags= awesome

Colorful bags

Great singers

I love basics

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