Monday, February 4, 2013

I'd like to share a few of my favorite items for this week.I'll probably wear some of them soon.

I got the USA/UK shirt from an outlet shop in shaw Blvd.I've always forgotten to remember it's name.Don't worry, I'll mention it again with the name next time I buy something from there.I love the blue and white one because it reminds me of the sky.It's so nice and I got it for 80 Php only at St.Francis Square Department Store.

I've been loving plains after I realized how useful they are, but for this yellow long sleeves I've got a plan of printing Jake's face on it(the dog from adventure time).The bag was super cheap!I got it for only 200 Php and it's in good shape, from St.Francis Square Department Store.

Union Jack Wayfarer

A gift from my lovely niece,Angel Tiolengko

Aztec/Tribal beaded design Pen holder,but I use it as a necklace

Got it from my mom.She bought it not knowing it's a pen bag.But the item is so cool so I really kept it as an accessory.

Lego Heart Necklace
Now this neck piece I've made is inspired from the original maker/creator of the lego accessories business called "Built To Wear(BTW)" by Kat Austria.You have to check it out here!

Reggae Accessories

Well since it's summer anyway, people love reggae stuff especially dudes.These are those accessories I bought for only 5 pesos each and are really nice.

Mogao Shoes

Ladies and Gents, if you want to buy a lot of nice clothes but don't have thousands of money to spend, go to any MOGAO branch.They have really cheap and high quality products.I don't even care if it's not  as high class as some well known brands are.The important thing is to buy something/s that you know you can afford and look good with.Remember that the clothes are only as luxurious as how you wear it.
I don't know if you guys would disagree though, I just believe that am an example of those people that really knows how to spend money wisely.

*I'd love to get some feedback though to improve my writing and features. :)


  1. pretty inspirin' snaps!
    let's follow each other?


    1. ahahah.Sure!thanks for the feedback by the way :)


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